Can you recall a time when you finished a round of golf and sat on the back of your car to switch shoes and the back of your pants got all dirty? How about after a run on the slopes and while removing your skis the same thing happened? Well, all of this could have been prevented if you had a FannyMat! Simply keep on in your trunk and roll it out when you’re ready to use it.

We are able to put ANY graphic you want on your custom FannyMat, so get your favorite professional or college team and bring your FannyMat to your next tailgate so that everyone knows who you are rooting for!

Special Offer: 20% off FannyMat $19.99 now $16.00 (+$2.00 S&H)


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Fanny Mat

If you are a golfer, it is no doubt scratched. Ever see someone tieing their shoe laces and putting their foot up on the trunk or bumper? Fannymat solves that problem! If you use your vehicle during the winter months and ski or snow board, your car gets very dirty and when you lean on it guess what, scratch!

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