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Many of todays modern family’s take young children with them any where. At the beach or a picnic you may be looking for a place change a diaper. Fannymat is the place to set the young one’s Fanny in order to change a soiled diaper. The Fannymat can be custom designed with a baby’s favorite doll or stuffed animal. Simply open it up inside the trunk and you have your changing table. Neat and clean and when necessary, fully washable. Just remove the wighted plastic from the top, put in to the washing machine in cold water and dry with low heat. Replace plastic weight and you are back in business.

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Fanny Mat

If you are a golfer, it is no doubt scratched. Ever see someone tieing their shoe laces and putting their foot up on the trunk or bumper? Fannymat solves that problem! If you use your vehicle during the winter months and ski or snow board, your car gets very dirty and when you lean on it guess what, scratch!

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