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FANNYMAT can be produced with most any high resolution image. We do reserve the right to judge the appropriateness of custom images sent to our offices. FANNYMATS are available with images of most of your favorite sports. Have a Flag Football Team? Just send us the name and logo and Custom Fannymats will be delivered within 20 business days. If an order is very large, the time frame may need be adjusted.

Are you a Fisherman or Fisherwoman? Makes a great spot to sit and fish or chew the fat with a fellow angler. There is a FANNYMAT “Fishermat” for those who are so inclined.

Surf is up! Take the FANNYMAT to the beach and slip on your wetsuit before venturing in the waves. Surfers can PARK IT HERE after a hard session on the water. Great for Surfing Competitions and can be created with the logo of the competition printed on the FANNYMAT. Makes for a great “souvenir” of the experience.

Hey Soccer Moms. Taking the kids back and forth to practice? After the game, the kids are generally filthy dirty and can’t wait to get in your car with their dirty shoes and “mess it up”. Before they get in, PARK IT HERE and make them, at very least, change their shoes. They should probably change whatever they can before getting you Mercedes or Mini Van dirty! FANNYMAT can be created with the team logo or a generic Soccer Player. Can be a great Fundraising activity for the kids. Ever see someone trying to put RollerBlades on without sitting on something? While the struggle may be fun to watch, getting the gear in place is very difficult. FANNYMAT to the rescue. PARK IT HERE, put on your Blades and get going. “Rollerman” or “Rollergirl” are available for easy car installation.

Ice Skating anyone? Those in Florida may not know the joy of going out in the evening to the Frozen Pond and taking some turns around the ice. In the more Northern climates, folks get up Hockey Games. FANNYMAT can be custom designed with you local Hockey Team’s logo or simply a Hockey Player. Especially when skating outside, the FANNYMAT provides a great spot to change your skates and even, if the car is in proximity of the fire, a place to get warm and possibly have an adult beverage!

RACE FAN? Cross checker flag FANNYMAT is available when you go to the track. Some folks are actually into Racing and Autocross. Hang the checker flag FANNYMAT off the back of your car in between “heats” or turns around the track. Check back for licensed logo availability for.

Car Dealers take note. A nice premium to give with a car you sell. Hey what’s $20 when selling an $80,000 Mercedes? Great promotion for your dealership and actually will help the new owner keep the car from scratches at least in the trunk area! Own an antique or exotic car? Fannymat is natural to both show off your cart logo and protect the rear deck area from scratches from folks looking at your car at a car show. Fannymat has put custom logos of car clubs and registries that are very often displayed at car shows throughout the country.

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If you are a golfer, it is no doubt scratched. Ever see someone tieing their shoe laces and putting their foot up on the trunk or bumper? Fannymat solves that problem! If you use your vehicle during the winter months and ski or snow board, your car gets very dirty and when you lean on it guess what, scratch!

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