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PARK IT HERE! As an avid golfer, and being a little lazy, I would always sit on the back of trunk and put on my golf shoes. On more than one occasion, the grease and dirt for both the trunk lock and general dirt from the car began to take a toll on my shorts and trousers. In looking around, I saw some folks draping dirty old towels, probably more dirty than the cars, across the trunk opening. Fannymat solved the problem! It also gave rise to manny other uses. Great spot to advertise your golf course, your special golf event or just create an image that might get some attention from other golfers maybe even of the opposite sex. There is now a place to PARK IT HERE!

The practical uses of the FANNYMAT are endless! Any person who drives the car to a location where there might be some measure of physical activity can use this product. After a run along the trail, you might sit down and have a cold drink and not ruin your expensive running shorts. A place to PARK IT HERE while catching your breath. The same holds true for bicycle rides or even after a long ATV adventure. Snow Boarder or Skier? Talk about getting dirty from you car. Anyone who has driven to a ski area knows how dirty the car gets. Most folks unload the car, get out their boots and do a balancing act trying to get them without falling down. PARK IT HERE and have a clean, dry and comfortable place to get you gear on. The FANNYMAT can be custom designed for any of these or other uses. Made of 100% high quality cotton, the FANYMAT is easily washable. It’s easy on and off installation makes care any easy matter.

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Fanny Mat

If you are a golfer, it is no doubt scratched. Ever see someone tieing their shoe laces and putting their foot up on the trunk or bumper? Fannymat solves that problem! If you use your vehicle during the winter months and ski or snow board, your car gets very dirty and when you lean on it guess what, scratch!

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