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Quick, easy, stylish & convenient Fanny Mats are the multi-purpose must have car accessory for drivers of all ages. There is no better way to protect your clothes and your car than with a Fanny Mat!

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Why Fanny Mat?


Keep It Clean

When taking things out of your car, keeps your clothes clean. Grease and grime from your car will not find its way to your clothes. "Keeps the gunk off the junk in your trunk"


Be Scratch Free

Loading and unloading your golf clubs or bike or whenever might be in your trunk, may scratch the finish of your shinny auto. The Fannymat will minimize that occurance.


Show Your Colors

Tale gate party at your favorite, High School, College or Professional sporting event serves as both a place to "Park it Here" and support your team. Be true to your school.


Car Enthusiasts

When at a car show, you can keep people for scratching your prize vehicle when peering onto your trunk. May car clubs have them for their members showing the club logo.

Custom Mats

Custom Fanny Mats

Park It Here.

Fannymat has the ability to produce custom made mats with literately anything you would like printed. The unique production allows for individual as well as generic designs. These can be special ordered from the web site.

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Fanny Mat

If you are a golfer, it is no doubt scratched. Ever see someone tieing their shoe laces and putting their foot up on the trunk or bumper? Fannymat solves that problem! If you use your vehicle during the winter months and ski or snow board, your car gets very dirty and when you lean on it guess what, scratch!

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